Our Story

Hi, we're Stephanie & Natalie, the mother-daughter duo who has turned their love for dogs into a passion project.

Our mission is to deliver high quality and trendy dog products to fellow pet owners and their pupper.  We want to share our love for dogs with everyone!

Each item you see on our site is hand selected by us or our own pet for style, durability, functionality and/or humor.  That's right, humor!  Our pets make us smile and yours should too.

Being pet owners ourselves, we naturally hold all pets close to our heart. Did you know that the most requested donation to animal shelters is food and blankets? That is why we will be donating 5% of every purchase to making these donations.  That means each time you purchase from our site and show your dog how much you love them, a shelter dog or cat will be feeling the same.  We can't wait to share our journey with you... 

Take a look around, we're glad you're here!  Follow us on Social Media and become part of our Pupper Family.

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- Stephanie & Natalie